16 de outubro de 2005

We Free Kings

Hoje é dia de The Art of the Improvisers (Atlantic, 1961), aliada à uma bastante iluminada performance da kirkiana Free King's Suite -- Meeting On Termini's Corner / Three For The Festival / A Handful Of Fives pelo Vandermark 5, disponível no primeiro disco de Alchemia.

[Playing a standard tune is] like having to know the results of all the changes before you even play them, compacting them in your mind. So I did that, and once I had it all compacted in my head I just literally REMOVED IT ALL and just PLAYED. (Ornette Coleman)

If Louis Armstrong was the one who said "These are the rules," and Charlie Parker, was the one who said, "No, here are the new rules," Ornette Coleman is the one who says, "Why do we even need rules at all?" (Michael J. West, Ornette Coleman: The Last Jazz Radical.)

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