5 de fevereiro de 2008

Marco Benevento e convidados / Tonic, 9.2006

Marco Benevento (The Jazz Farmers) convida três bateristas (seu parceiro habitual Joe Russo, Bobby Previte e Mike Dillon) para tocar no Tonic. Sensacional. É uma das tantas experiências que vieram a aparecer depois no álbum triplo "Live at Tonic" (Rodeadope, 2007).

Parte 2.

Parte 3.

Parte 4.

For these shows, I decided I was going to invite some of my closest friends along to play and we'd just let the music go where it wanted. I've always thought that if you think too much about something, there winds up being this hesitation that throws the whole 'universal timing' balance off. With improvised music you want to let the music play you, so that's the approach we took. In this case, music is more like the wind that carries a little balloon through the sky, it's something to succumb to. When you think of an improvised performance as 'something you don't play' you may wind up with a better mind set. That concept paired with the fact that my friends are my biggest musical inspiration, completely allowed the music to come to life. The entire month of November is a brilliant memory.

Peter Kowald / Ken Vandermark Duo

Duo de Vandermark e Kowald, gravado em 2001. Curto, mas vale a espiada.