29 de setembro de 2005


The music of AKA MOON is an attitude. We can say sometimes 'it's jazz', because improvisation takes an important place. It means we have the opportunity to re-act instantly between us in face with the energy of the present. Sometimes, people says is like 'rock music', because of the collective impact of the band. Sometimes is like 'drum and bass' because we just love to be in this kind of mood. Sometimes people says other things, but what is important is the attitude to be open to any kind of sources of inspiration.

(Fabrizio Cassol, compositor responsável pelo trio belga Aka Moon, entrevistado por Federico Marongiu. Via Carbon-7.)

Ouça Live at Vooruit (1997, Carbon-7). A força que emana deste álbum é desumana. É uma chuva torrencial. I kid you not, não negligencie este pequeno registro ao vivo - é das melhores gravações que já ouvi.

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