19 de julho de 2005


O grupo Volcano the Bear lançou agora em maio de 2005 seu novo álbum, que registra performances ao vivo em Leicester (Inglaterra), Paris, Norrköping (Suécia) e Sheffield (Inglaterra). Se calhar de ser um trabalho tão excêntrico quanto o The Idea of Wood (Textile, 2003), é obra obrigatória para quem aprecie Robert Wyatt, This Heat, Faust, sonoridades free, cacofonia, experimentalismos dadaístas, e que tais.

"VOLCANO THE BEAR - Catonapotato (Digitalis 014) "Volcano the Bear was formed in 1995 with the constant idea of being a group with uncompromising and boundless ideas, and they've always tried to aim for a live environment where they can do whatever they please. This results in a live show that, beyond grandiose sonic qualities, blends the very essence of key words such as surreal, shifting moods, myriad of instruments, humor, beauty and to a certain degree, even self-indulgence. That said, these sonic transgressors are not for everyone. If you're a fan of free-form improvisations, free jazz, weird drones, pagan folk, whimsical acoustic pieces, disjointed percussive riffs, crackling electronics and actually own more than one record by either the Sun City Girls, This Heat, Faust, Residents, The Shadow Ring or Captain Beefheart, then you owe it to yourself to check out these cats."

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